Pumpkin Cranberry Muffins, Granola and Halloween!

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Happy Halloween!

I can’t believe it’s already here. I think I start getting excited for Halloween toward the end of August (after all, I think the anticipation is half the fun of any holiday) but I still don’t feel I’ve had enough time to celebrate yet. To be honest, I don’t really celebrate Halloween in the traditional way. There’s no trick-or-treating or candy-induced comas for me. Dressing up as some creepy creature is always fun, but for me Halloween has become a giant month long celebration of autumn more than anything else. Well, that and an excuse to watch all of my favorite spooky kid movies and carve an abundance of pumpkins.

In my mind autumn and Halloween are practically interchangeable. If I’m going to celebrate a holiday I want more than one day of fun. Halloween is another chance to celebrate the gifts of Mother Nature as the harvest…

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Happy Halloween

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Woo Hoo

Shot in Connecticut

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This Transformers Costume Deserves More Views

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For the past three Halloweens I have shared this video on my social media feeds. 

My fascination with it will never end.

Bumblebee is a beloved Transformers character. This person took the costume to a whole new level. 

Watch Beelow!

According to its YouTube stats the video has had over 3 million views since January 2010. 

Happy Halloween! 

Stay Spooky, 


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Our Halloween Table

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Daycare Halloween decorations are always so fun. My favorite by far is the naughty daycare kids!


Here is what we used:

Naughty daycare kids were skeletons from the dollar store just in a jar with food coloring.

Maggots were rice, pudding, and water

Witch’s hair we used easter grass

Vampire eyeballs we used eyeball bouncy balls, water, and food coloring again.


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Pumpkin Marbling Prototype

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Until fairly recently, the only concession most Brits made to Halloween was a toothy pumpkin grinning on the doorstep or garden wall with a flickering candle inside that was normally reserved for power cuts.

Pumpkin soup – and pumpkin pie – were virtually unheard of, and no one you knew had ever tasted it.

We reserved the big bucks for catherine wheels, roman candles, sparklers and toffee apples on bonfire night, when we gleefully burned all the old furniture down the bottom of the garden (and possibly the neighbours shed in the bargain).

Things change -especially the health and safety regs!

Last night I was looking at a whole array of pumpkin decorations spread across the internet – especially acrylic painted and stencilled ones, and faux pumpkins.

Hand decorating anything takes time, even with acrylic, so I thought I’d resort to marbling. Quick, very messy – and on pumpkins, totally…

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The Luxurious KIA K900

The K900 has been making headlines since it debuted last year.  KIA’s first trek into the luxury market has stunned and impressed critics and car enthusiasts alike.  The new flagship sedan even gained notice from car-lover NBA super-star Lebron James which ultimately led to a partnership between the two.
894891However KIA isn’t one to be complacent with the great reception the K900 has received, the immediately looked to improve upon the best aspects of the sedan and made luxury even easier.  The K900’s Driver Information System Controls are Kia’s latest innovation for decreasing distracted driving and increasing ease of use.

Replacing the traditional touch screen, the Driver Information System Controls are situated at the heart of the center stack, offering a simple yet intuitive set of large hard keys and main controller that operate the available Navigation system, audio, and all other K900 systems.

Perfectly positioned for both the driver and front passenger, the main controller allows users to scroll through the menu for information while zooming in and out.  The controller’s 8-way joystick lets users toggle from left to right; users can then select highlighted information by simply pushing the large center button.

CaptureSimple innovations like the K900’s system controls are just one of the many ways KIA makes your drive more pleasant and much safer, allowing you to enjoy all of the features without the headache of an overload of buttons to navigate and distract you from the road.  Luxury made simple, putting the K900 ahead of the pack.

For more information about the KIA K900 visit Primeaux KIA at 4747 S. Yale Avenue in Tulsa, Oklahoma or give them a call at 918-622-3160 today!

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Yahoo To Shut Down Qwiki, Yahoo Education And The Yahoo Directory

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Yahoo announced today it’s shuttering a handful of products, including Qwiki, a mobile app Yahoo acquired last July for $50 million, which helps users create movies from the photos and videos in their Camera Roll. Also getting the boot are Yahoo Education, a site designed to connect users to educational content and providers, as well as Yahoo Directory, the 20-year old listing of websites which is how old people used to browse the web.

I kid, I kid. We’re not so old!

Still, seeing Directory shut down for good has an “end of an era” vibe to it. It’s not like anyone ever used the site anymore to browse the web – can you really believe that this is how it was once done? – but seeing it snuffed out may leave you feeling a bit nostalgic for the good ol’ days of the pre-Google era.

Yahoo Directory will be…

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